//New Hygiene Spray Fights Eyelid Parasites

New Hygiene Spray Fights Eyelid Parasites

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic eye conditions caused by thousands of little parasites, known as Demodex mites, living on their eyelids.”These microbes area unit very common associate degreed however mostly an unknown drawback,” says medical specialist Kathryn Najafi-Tagol, MD, Founder and Medical Director of the attention Institute of Marin in American state. The parasites burrow into eyelids, Dr. Najafi-Tagol explains.”That causes inflammation and plugs the attention glands that turn out the oily layer required to stay tears from evaporating,” she says. As a result, folks suffer from red, inflamed and dry eyes. typically they conjointly expertise a crusty buildup of dust on their eyelids. Moreover, the infestation of parasites typically attracts different microbes, like microorganism, that raise the inflammation and discomfort whereas at an equivalent time conjointly providing food for the parasites.”For a few years, we tend to didn’t have a decent resolution to the current drawback,” Dr. Najafi-Tagol says. Doctors usually used lid scrubs that contained tea tree oil, a substance shown to cut back the mite population. however the massive concentration of tea tree oil required to combat the mites sometimes irritated the eyes. Fortunately, eye doctors currently have a replacement and higher approach, says Dr. Najafi-Tagol. A company known as NovaBay prescription drugs (NYSE MKT: NBY) has developed associate degree palpebra hygiene product known as Avenova. it’s the sole lid hygiene product to contain Neutrox, a pure 0.01 % resolution of acid (HOCl). HOCl could be a substance that’s naturally created by our own cells. In vitro testing shows that NovaBay’s proprietary version (Neutrox) kills microorganism, and Dr Najafi has found that Avenova helps forestall the proliferation of the mites in her patients.”It is additionally terribly straightforward to use,” says Dr. Najafi-Tagol. “I show my patients the way to spray it on their eyelids double daily. it’s utterly safe and non-irritating, and my patients notice it feels refreshing . My patients WHO are suffering for years say that it’s finally brought them some relief.”Dr. Najafi-Tagol says that she currently has prescribed Avenova for over cardinal patients, successfully.”Avenova is that the initial smart weapon we’ve to fight these terribly unpleasant parasites,” she says. “It could be a outstanding advance in eye care.”